The Four Seasons Private Jet

Earlier in 2015, the Toronto-based Four Seasons hotel group revealed that its guests would have new means of traveling from one of its properties to another, in the hotel industry’s first fully branded private jet.

A retrofitted Boeing 757 featuring interiors by the hotel group’s designers, the Four Seasons Jet – as it is perhaps a touch unimaginatively named – accommodates just 52 passengers rather than the 233 this category of aircraft usually carries.

Although access to the jet is being restricted to the privileged few willing to spend those sums, the video below gives everyone else their first opportunity to see inside the aircraft. It shows the 52 fully lie-flat seats configured in a 2×2 configuration, and sheathed in white leather. Passengers are provided with individual iPads for in-flight entertainment and receive Bulgari amenity kits; blankets are made of Mongolian cashmere and earphones are by Bose.

2An on-board chef will be among the coterie of staff to hand as groups fly the globe – a “journey manager” trip coordinator, concierge, doctor and photographer are among the other attendees customers might expect to have at their disposal when they board – and Dom Pérignon champagne and Petrossian caviar will be available at any time for those who are peckish between meals.

As for those eager to try the jet for themselves, a number of packages have been launched for 2016 and include a 24-day, around-the-world journey that will visit enduringly popular attractions such as the Taj Mahal and the beaches of Bora Bora. That costs from $132,000 (£88,000) per person.



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