The Residence by Etihad – Luxury above and beyond!

Even at $32,000, people are lining up to book Etihad Airways PJSC’s three-room suite between Abu Dhabi and New York.

The Residence, as Etihad calls its over-the-top luxury offering, will be available on New York-Abu Dhabi flights in December when the airline puts an Airbus A380 superjumbo on the route instead of a Boeing 777. The living room, private bathroom and two-person bedroom are separated from other passengers in the nose of the double-decker jet’s upper level.

Etihad spent six years developing the Residence and has deployed it on A380s on overseas routes, such as Abu Dhabi to London. New York will see the ultra-luxe offering starting on Dec. 1, 2015. The airline sold its first New York Residence ticket within hours of announcing the switch to A380s in March.

The Residence is offered only on Etihad’s A380s, and the airline has only ordered 10 of those from Airbus Group SE. There are no plans to offer the service in the U.S. outside of New York.

Selling the one Residence booking available on Abu Dhabi-New York flights would be a revenue haul equivalent of about 26 of Etihad’s “economy saver” seats on that trip, based on prices from the airline’s website for December. The cheapest of those tickets lists for $1,225.

Check out the ultimate “seat” you can buy on a commercial jet:


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