Narisawa – Poetic food deeply connected to Japan’s natural environment

Wonderment is Yoshihiro Narisawa’s stock in trade. As the restaurant has eased past the decade mark, the chef’s love of the poetry of the natural world has come ever more to the fore in his menus. Today his dishes share many qualities of the best haiku: restrained and highly thoughtful without being austere or anything less than generous. Narisawa – the restaurant, the man and his food – are all deeply in tune with the landscape and the moment. Continue reading


Fairy Chimney Inn, Turkey

Perched on the lofty fringes of busy Göreme – hub for the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of Turkey’s Cappadocia region – the Fairy Chimney Inn invites travelers to experience the area’s unique geological and historical heritage with an authentic cave stay. Here, 11 cozy guest rooms come scooped out of the soft volcanic rock that defines Cappadocia’s distinctive geography, with its age-old stone pillars and elaborate network of such ancient troglodyte dwellings. Continue reading